General Manager (GM) - Australia

Digital Thinkers is a digital product innovation studio. Our agency has a stable of experts from product strategy to user experience to development and builds the full product for the client based on a well-designed discovery process.

We are looking for a General Manager (GM) to drive the expansion of our business in Australia.

Digital Thinkers

We are looking for you to be part of the Digital Thinkers team as a GM with the following requirements:

strong background in product development and/or technology leadership,

existing network to reach decision makers,

deep understanding of the software industry in Australia,

strong communication skills to win projects and deliver on customer needs,

openness and passion to be one of the first pioneers of a European-Australian digital innovation organisation,

self starter and a passion for growth,

team player, as within the next 12 months we will be scaling up our operations in Australia

Nice to haves:

proven track record in selling digital services,

planning and building digital products in different verticals,

leading diverse project teams,

experience in identifying and mapping user needs.

Our company

Product and operations leaders often struggle to launch digital products that fulfill users’ needs. Without a digital guide to help you land on a marketable solution, you can find yourself spinning your wheels, frustrated by lack of progress. We understand the pressure to create solutions fast, because we feel it, too. While we like to move into execution swiftly, we only begin development when we’re confident in the viability and design of the product. (Trust us: When your idea starts earning revenue or streamlining the way people work, you’ll be thankful for the pause.) As a digital product studio, we turn your core expertise into powerful digital tools, improving how you and your customers work and play. With projects and partners throughout the world, we’ll make sure your project adheres to global best practices. Innovative leaders from Sony to Taxually turn to Digital Thinkers to level-up their products, over-deliver for their customers, and get to market faster.

At Digital Thinkers, we love working on projects that are professionally challenging, while having spectacular results and great accomplishments that we can all be proud of. We consider it a serious achievement that although we have only started 3 years ago, we are more than 50 people, which is due to the very high quality of work we deliver.

Our most typical projects are webapps and mobile apps.

Key industries: healthcare, pharma, public transportation and mobility, real estate, museums and exhibitions - these are the most typical clients of ours, but we have a couple other industries as well.

Our ideal customers

Our customers are typically SMEs, because they have what we need for a successful partnership:

• sense of urgency and demand for high quality digital product innovation

• authority to make decisions and onboard new teams in a relatively fast manner

Unlike many other digital studios we work on a project basis, rather than temporary contract staff allocation. This means the ownership and scope / time / budget responsibility is on our side, rather than alternative approaches that may result in a lack of ownership at the agency side. Most typical length of our projects: around 4-6 months.

2 types of engagement:
• those customers, who have all the specification and design assets ready and need a partner who delivers
• those customers, who have the problem defined, but need help with the (discovery and) planning phase and then software development

Type of collaboration

You would preferably be a full-time employee, who enjoys a degree of flexibility to work across time zones. 

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