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Why Digital Thinkers?

Because we will be your guides to turn your ideas into reality! 


Innovative digital solutions for current and future challenges 


Discovery and planning

We believe that having the correct market knowledge and understanding of a product's business value is critical. That is why, prior to execution, our team puts a lot of effort into the discovery and planning phases. The end result effectively adapts to our clients' expectations as well as current and future challenges. 

Development, delivery

Following the planning phase, carefully crafted concepts are implemented and, of course, properly tested. We don't just create another product for our customers; we collaborate to figure out what will help them succeed. 

Our works

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Who are we?

Our natural habitat 

We believe that a good team is made up of more than simply experts; it's also crucial that we are working together enthusiastically. Let the office pictures talk for themselves! 


Recent success stories

David Brecount's video
David Brecount's video

Victoria Tandor
European Marketing Manager at Sony Europe Retail | E-commerce Project

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Digital Thinkers. They were extremely flexible throughout the development process, easily adapting to our sometimes quickly changing needs. We have developed a tool not yet existing in our department, so we were very much counting on their professional advice.”

Stefan Mladenovic
CEO at Taxually
Fintech | Self-funding Product Project

“Straightforward, innovative and precise. With Digital Thinkers you are always 100% sure what you will get. The offer is carefully prepared, the work is tightly managed and the delivery is high-quality and innovative. We have worked with Digital Thinkers over many years and various projects - all yielding high-value for our teams and customers”

Jeff Teale's video
Jeff Teale's video
Tram Nguyen's video
Tram Nguyen's video

Ferdinand Goetzen
CEO at Reveall
Webapp Development Project

“Digital Thinkers bring the ideal combination of development skills, product-understanding and open collaboration. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to get our first MVP off the ground.”