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Welcome to our career site! Do you think it is important to spend your working hours in a great community? By joining us, you can become a part of a cohesive team! Scroll down to learn more about us! 

If you'd like to visit and have a talk with us, check out our open IT jobs or join our Talent Pool right away!  

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If you'd like to visit and have a talk with us, check out our open IT jobs or join our Talent Pool right away!  

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A dynamic software development team in a vibrant office environment 

We always take our work seriously and know where we want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years. And we need you to reach these goals with us.

What do we expect? Simple: we would like you to take responsibility for the tasks that are tailored to you. What do we offer in return? We give you the freedom of creativity and autonomy in your work, whatever position you work in. We provide all the tools for this, including an inspiring office environment. Of course, if you need peace and quiet, a home office is also an option.

You wonder what our founding owners say about all this in their own words? Then click on the videos!

How do we ensure your professional development?

Róbert Szalai


There is no unsolvable development problem for Robi. He also shares with you how to conjure up using the latest technology.

How do you know we're looking for you?

László Kozma


Laci has been in business development for decades and so far this is his favorite team. You can find out from the video what kind of people we are looking for and what our selection process looks like.

What opportunities await you at Digital Thinkers?

Ádám Kovács

Tech Lead

Ádám talks about how much space he has been given to implement his own ideas, how he takes time to mentor junior colleagues and what he himself improved the most at DT. This opportunity can be waiting for you too!

What do our colleagues say about Digital Thinkers? 

"The atmosphere at work is incredibly good, from here I go home almost every day with a smile."

“I can talk to my bosses like I do with my friends and I think it goes vice versa. I can share everything with them I have in mind, not just those related to work. ”

“There’s strategy, there’s motivation. It's a young company, and we've been doing very well since it's been on the market. ”

"Very good office environment. The open office concept creates a direct connection with colleagues, its equipment is already completely okay, but it is evolving day by day."

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So it's not just empty talk when we speak about professional challenges, we present some of our most recent projects.

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Current open 
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We are now looking for colleagues for these positions. We hope we've given the best possible description of the work, but of course there may still be plenty of question marks. However, if one of the positions is at least a little interesting for you, be sure to apply and we will discuss the rest in person! And it won't be just us asking the questions – feel free to ask your own, about anything at all. And we do mean anything!