Junior Product Specialist

Digital Thinkers is a digital product innovation studio. Our agency has great experts from product strategy to user experience to development and builds the full product for our clients based on a well-designed discovery process.

We are looking for a Junior Product Specialist to join our product development agency, which is focused on digital innovations and exciting technology solutions!

At Digital Thinkers, we like to work on projects that are professionally challenging, have spectacular results and ultimately have lots of users - in short, projects we can all be proud of. We consider it a serious achievement that, although we started just 3 years ago, we already have over 40 people working together in our Budapest office, thanks to regular orders from satisfied clients both at home and abroad. And at the end of last summer, we started our international expansion and are opening an office in Australia.

Digital Thinkers

We are looking for you to be part of the Digital Thinkers team as a Junior Product Specialist if:

you're interested in conceptualizing and designing innovative digital solutions,

you're curious about understanding and analyzing various apps,

it's not a challenge for you to assemble a Google Slides presentation or a Miro board,

you're keen to advance in the digital world, aiming for a good overview of technological product development and evolution,

you have an affinity for market analysis and capable of drawing relevant conclusions,

you're open to actively participating in tracking development tasks and streamlining the efforts of the development team.

Our company

Our most typical projects are webapps and mobile apps. For references, feel free to check out the relevant section on our website:


Key industries: healthcare, pharma, public transportation and mobility, real estate, museums and exhibitions - these are the most typical clients of ours, but we have a couple other industries as well. 

We are a cohesive team and we are now looking for you to be part of this community. It is important for us that you have high standards regarding your work, and that you have passion for projects which go beyond daily routine operations.


In the Innovation LAB, we first design products and then bring our ideas to life. During the Discovery phase, we create groundbreaking concepts that generate real value for our clients and their users. In the Design & Specification stage, we thoroughly develop and plan these ideas.  Then, when the Development phase arrives, we work closely with our development team to make sure everything is done to the highest quality and with great attention to detail.

Telecommuting opportunity aka. home office

We work three days a week from the office, on the other two, you can work from wherever you like!

Our work schedule

During business hours (from 9:30 AM to 4 PM) you are required to be available. The completion of the remaining two hours are up to you to decide. So whether you are an early riser or a night owl, you can adjust to your own rhythm.


Gross 450.000 - 650.000 HUF


Our snack cabinet is full of goodies (coffee, fresh fruit, chocolate, yoghurt, etc.). If you would like to advance your professional knowledge, you can get acquainted with the novelties of in-house workshops, and inexhaustible list of video courses. Our sporty colleagues are rewarded with a sports contribution that helps cover the fees of gym memberships, new sports equipment or even races. There's also a referral system for bringing in new colleagues which is rewarded with a special referral bonus!

Work environment

Your laptop and all the needed peripherals will be waiting for you at your own desk from day one. If you fancy working standing up we have numerous adjustable desks available or you can get comfortable working by choosing our massage chairs and sofas.

Development and career opportunities

As a team member, you'll be invited to regular 1-on-1 meetings where we'll discuss your potential growth paths and the areas that interest you. We select projects based on this feedback to ensure that everyone finds their assignments motivating. We also offer transparent career progression plans, so you'll always know what goals you need to achieve for your next promotion and what responsibilities come with it.

Expected level of language proficiency

Our clientele happens to include numerous foreign customers, so speaking English fluently is expected. You don't need to have a certificate, or have to be an expert. We just need you to be comfortable in an English speaking environment.

Our office is located at

1097 Budapest, Vaskapu u. 10-14. C.110.

Our office street runs parallel to Soroksári Road, right at its beginning, so it's an 8-minute walk from Boráros Square. If you're coming by public transport, you can get here in 30 minutes from Déli Railway Station and 20 minutes from Deák Square. For those who cycle, you're welcome to bring your bike into the office, and if you drive in occasionally, we offer free parking in our reserved spaces in the underground garage.

If all these sound interesting, send us a message to hr@digitalthinkers.com.

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