Medior Project Manager (PM)

Digital Thinkers is a digital product innovation studio. Our agency has great experts from product strategy to user experience to development and builds the full product for our clients based on a well-designed discovery process.

We are looking for a Medior Project Manager to join our product development agency, which is focused on digital innovations and exciting technology solutions!

At Digital Thinkers, we like to work on projects that are professionally challenging, have spectacular results and ultimately have lots of users - in short, projects we can all be proud of. We consider it a serious achievement that, although we started just 3 years ago, we already have over 40 people working together in our Budapest office. And at the end of last summer, we started our international expansion and are opening an office in Australia.

Digital Thinkers

We are looking for you to be part of the Digital Thinkers team as a Medior Project Manager if you:

like working with people,

like to bind projects together from bidding to invoicing,

like to understand the project's purpose and to put together a structured set of tasks to be done,

are good at interpreting the scope of a project, together with others,

are good at planning, prioritising, time-binding, documenting and organising tasks,

can assign the right people to the tasks,

are able to re-plan, re-schedule tasks and resources in order to deliver the required product in the adequate quality and on time,

motivate your team and drive them to complete their tasks on time and with high quality,

ensure that the project is properly documented and not just running by itself,

are able to continuously think through and manage project risks,

are able to completely overview of the current status of projects,

have used some kind of project management software before (e.g. JIRA, Wrike, ClickUp).

Our company

At Digital Thinkers, we love working on projects that are professionally challenging, while having spectacular results and great accomplishments that we can all be proud of. We consider it a serious achievement that although we have only started 3 years ago, we are more than 40 people, which is due to the very high quality of work we deliver.

Our most typical projects are webapps and mobile apps.

Key industries: healthcare, pharma, public transportation and mobility, real estate, museums and exhibitions - these are the most typical clients of ours, but we have a couple other industries as well.


Project Manager is a central role for us, as PMs are the ones who bring projects together from start to finish. They work with a strong team of professionals: the design phase is done by the internal Strategy & Innovation Lab, while the development phase is dominated by the technology team. The PMs are responsible for ensuring that all our projects run according to client and internal expectations, while maintaining a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. This is a key role, requiring a high level of empathy, openness to other people and team thinking.

The responsibility of the Project Manager:

● Delivery of projects on time, with quality, while adapting to the budget.
● Planning, tracking, and administration of projects.
● Flow of information towards the project team and stakeholders.
● Holding Agile ceremonies (e.g. Stand-up, Demo, etc.)
● Communicating and liaising with all stakeholders.
● Supporting and motivating the project team, solving potential problems.

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