Senior JavaScript Developer

We are looking for a Senior Javascript Developer to join our development team, focusing on digital breakthroughs and cutting-edge technical solutions!

We are looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer to join our product development agency, which is focused on digital innovations and exciting technology solutions!

At Digital Thinkers, we like to work on projects that are professionally challenging, have spectacular results and ultimately have lots of users - in short, projects we can all be proud of. We consider it a serious achievement that, although we started just 3 years ago, we already have over 40 people working together in our Budapest office, thanks to regular orders from satisfied clients both at home and abroad. And at the end of last summer, we started our international expansion and are opening an office in Australia.

Digital Thinkers

We are looking for you to Digital Thinkers team as a Senior JavaScript Developer if:

you would like to participate in the design and development of backend and frontend JS/TS applications,

you have strong knowledge in sitebuild as well as in backend (you can have your preference of course :))

you like working with good people in the creative field,

you are committed in continous learning.

Technologies we use

TypeScript, JavaScript

NestJS, Next.js, Express, React, React Native, TypeORM, zustand, Tailwind, Radix UI


GitLab, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker

Google Cloud, Vercel, Cloudflare

Telecommuting opportunity aka. home office

We work three days a week from the office, on the other two, you can work from wherever you like!

Our work schedule

During business hours (from 9:30 AM to 4 PM) you are required to be available. The completion of the remaining two hours are up to you to decide. So whether you are an early riser or a night owl, you can adjust to your own rhythm.


Our snack cabinet is full of goodies (coffee, fresh fruit, chocolate, yoghurt, etc.). You can also attend company English classes once a week if you feel like it! If you would like to advance your development knowledge, you can get acquainted with the novelties of the profession in our regular in-house workshops, and inexhaustible list of video courses. Our sporty colleagues are rewarded with a sports contribution that helps cover the fees of gym memberships, new sports equipment or even races.There's also a referral system for bringing in new colleagues which is honored with a special referral bonus!  

Work environment

Your laptop and all the needed peripherals will be waiting for you at your own desk from day one. If you fancy working standing up we have numerous adjustable desks available or you can get comfortable coding by choosing our massage chairs and sofas.

Development and career opportunities

As a team member, we will invite you to regular one-on-one meetings to discuss areas of specialization and technologies of interest. We choose the projects based on your feedback so that we can discover motivating assignments for everyone. You'd like to switch between stacks to discover a broader code universe? Maybe you want to take on mentoring? We'll support your decision in any case by adjusting the projects to your needs!

Expected level of language proficiency

Our clientele happens to include numerous foreign customers, so speaking English fluently is expected. You don't need to have a certificate, or have to be an expert. We just need you to be comfortable in an English speaking environment.

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