Interactive exhibition experience for everyone

Dreamers of Dreams

We developed 10 interactive applications for the exhibition, and worked on many tasks from concept creation through development to delivery.



  • Development
  • Mobile app
  • Webapp
  • Discovery
  • Design

"Science without humans is just a mystery". - Dreamers of Dreams is an experience-based, interactive exhibition at the Millenáris in Budapest, which includes a total of 20 exhibitions. It presents more than 600 Hungarian innovations by legendary inventors, milestones on the winding path of science to the present. We developed ten interactive applications for the exhibition.



The task's most difficult aspect was developing the concept and developing the exhibition's specific content. We had to develop the applications in such a way that they would deliver engaging and experiential content for everyone, from young children to adults, in terms of both content and form. The design had to appear nice on the interactive surfaces and match the exhibition concept holistically as a non-secondary consideration.



The positive attitude of our client has substantially contributed to the success of our project. We've always strived to provide multiple solution variants so that you may pick the one that best meets your needs. Our responsibilities were not limited to development work; we also contributed significantly to the content generation, in addition to the concept formulation. Thus, applications on topics such as epidemic history, networking in the history of the Hungarian road and railway, the development and functioning of the brain, the history of Hungarian aviation, mathematical games based on János Bolyai and Farkas' theories, and so on could be born


Our work appeared on 32 displays at the exhibition, covering a significant portion of truly interactive digital content. All in all, we created high-quality, modern design and user-centric apps.