Mobile application strategy and development

Etele mobile app

Despite being a newcomer ETELE is a renowned mall in Budapest for whom we revised their mobile application store presence and developed an updated version of the home and parking screens.



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Futureal Group is a Hungarian real estate development and investment company that specializes in innovative and sustainable urban spaces, including mixed-use projects.



ETELE's mobile application was receiving poor ratings on both the App Store and Google Play due to its lack of user-friendliness and outdated features. Its application store presence was also lacking in terms of mockup designs, user feedback which played a major factor in the poor download statistics. The application was in its early stages, and users were finding it difficult to navigate and use effectively. As a result, few people have downloaded and used the app.



Our team worked closely with ETELE to redesign their mobile application home page, improving its user interface and user experience. We incorporated features that modern users expect in a mobile application, such as easy navigation, fast loading times, and seamless integrations. We also improved the parking feature by making it more transparent and efficient, encouraging users to utilize the app when visiting the mall. In addition, we added a feedback function, to make further developments more efficient and specific to the customers' needs.


The new version of the ETELE mobile application was a resounding success, with a significant increase in positive reviews on both app stores. We were able to address the issues that caused the low ratings, making the application more user-friendly and modern, ultimately leading to a significant improvement in the user experience. Additionally, the number of app crashes decreased, ensuring that users could reliably use the application without any frustrating interruptions.