Refactoring and future-proofing for a good cause

Design for Good

Design for Good brings together designers around the world with a shared goal of improving lives through human-centered design. Our task was to refactor and make improvements to the codebase thus future-proofing the product.



  • Development
  • Webapp
  • Discovery

Design for Good is a non-profit organization that connects designers and volunteers with non-profits to use design as a tool for social good, empowering organizations to communicate their messages more effectively and engage their audiences.



The Design for Good website and application needed to be updated and properly maintained in order to keep up with the modern requirements of such a noble and grandiose project. The main difficulty was taking over the operation and maintenance of the platform. Afterwards the two apps had to be merged together and refactored, while also transitioning to a new version of the CMS, furnishing our team with a formidable challenge.



An intricately designed maintenance protocol and expertly integrated applications were attained. In addition to shouldering the responsibility of upkeep, the process of refactoring the applications yielded a more refined codebase, primed for effortless navigation and poised for seamless future development.


It is indeed a gratifying opportunity to contribute towards the maintenance, development, and product conceptualization of such a distinguished global undertaking, which truly makes a positive impact. Our objective is to continuously enhance user experience through our innovative initiatives, thereby advancing the project towards greater heights.

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