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We implemented a truly stunning and immersive landing page for NNG to attract even more customers



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NNG is a Hungarian software company specializing in automotive navigation and infotainment systems, offering solutions to major car manufacturers worldwide with a focus on innovation and user experience.



NNG wanted to enhance their online presence and attract more customers by providing them with an outstanding and immersive landing page. The company recognized the importance of having a modern and engaging website that would effectively showcase their expertise in automotive navigation and infotainment systems. They wanted to make sure that their website reflected their innovative solutions and user-focused approach, and that it would stand out in a highly competitive market.



Our team was responsible for the development of NNG's landing page: a new website that fully showcased their innovative solutions. We created an immersive and animation-heavy website that effectively captured the essence of NNG's brand and products. Furthermore, we took over the website's operation, maintenance, providing NNG with a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Our work resulted in a truly stunning landing page and website that effectively showcased the company's innovative automotive navigation and infotainment systems. The new website increased NNG's competitive edge in the market. Overall, we are very proud of the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing Hungarian team.