Get a vet instantly for your pet


PetConnVet is a unique digital animal-health platform where pet owners can collect, edit and retrieve important information about their pets in a structured format, with a range of other convenience features, while veterinarians can manage their practice through a cloud-based web app developed for them.



  • Development
  • Mobile app
  • Webapp
  • Design

PetConnVet is an important emerging animal health startup in Hungary whose goal is to ensure that all pets receive the highest quality of care possible, using the power of digitalization. Their platform also supports the effective work of veterinarians. The aim of the project was to create a multi-platform practice system where each user can use the software in the interface that suits them. Our client envisioned a smartphone app for the animal owners and a web app for the doctors – and asked us to help with the specification, graphic design and development.



During the design and implementation phase, it was an interesting challenge to design the two separate pieces of software so that the animal owners would use only the smartphone app and the doctors would use only the web app. It was important to ensure that both user groups had a complete experience regardless of not having access to the other platform.



After the careful design of the project, the software was developed through successful sprints, with the team including web and mobile application developers, a project manager, a business analyst and a manual tester. The mobile app is cross-platform using ReactNative technology, while ReactJS and NodeJS technologies were chosen for the web app development.


The PetConnVet software is a notable project, as we worked with our client from the initial concept to the market launch, playing a significant role in the conceptualization, specification and graphic design of the software. As a result of this close collaboration, the final product met our client's initial expectations in every aspect.

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