Immersive website for a world-leading energy company

Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy is an independent Norvegian energy data analytics company providing valuable insights based on vast amount of data.



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The energy industry has a direct impact on all areas of life, while the industry is undergoing dynamic change. Fossil energy sources continue to cover a significant part of societies' energy needs, while there is a growing international will to reduce them. The use of nuclear energy is cost-effective, yet the well-known risks require caution from individual industrial players, and as a result, there is a significant rise for renewable energy sources on the market. There are many opportunities to meet energy needs, and Rystad Energy helps to navigate amongst complex market conditions by analyzing large databases and providing thorough reports and personalized advice. In 2022 Rystad Energy has introduced a new brand image and as a result new website as well. Digital Thinkers team has worked on an exciting and flashy animation-heavy solution, that truly represents Rystad's innovative attitude and wide-spread network of its solutions.



Our Client asked us to develop an immersive website with spectacular design elements, animations and front-end solutions which distinguishes Rystad from its competitors. In addition to the impressive design elements, we also focused on making the site intuitive and easy to use for all users, regardless of the platform on which they open it. The client also asked for an additional feature to modify the content of their site via a CMS system.



After one and a half months of development, the new Rystad Energy website was born, referred to it as the flagship of their renewed online presence. It contains the company's introductory message, their latest insights related to the energy industry and the job opportunities they provide in different locations around the world.


By the end of the project, a website was created that is intuitive for users to use and fully editable by the customer. Thanks to the visuals and rich content, we have delivered an outstanding site that provides a memorable experience for the user.

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