Junior positions at Digital Thinkers 

Hello there, junior software developer! We strongly believe that you are the hope of the future. What a coincidence that we are working with future-oriented IT developments! Is it possible that we're looking for each other?

Do you already know everything there is to know about developers? Let's speak whether you have the proper training or not. If you believe you can bring value to a software development company's day-to-day job and are eager to learn and progress, let's talk. With us, you may learn how to use cutting-edge technology on cutting-edge projects while being guided by our seasoned professionals.

And we haven't even mentioned the fantastic team, the beers in the fridge, or the exciting team-building events...

Do you have any more questions?

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What does a junior programmer do for us? 

Hopefully whatever interests you. Our mission is to bring the most interesting initiatives to market, products that not only the firm, but all of our team members can be proud of.

We will not hesitate to plunge you into the deep end. We feel that this is the most effective technique for anyone to grow. But don't give up; our more experienced engineers will always be there to help, and you can always count on them if you get stuck.

But speak for us, Máté Knon, who has been a junior developer on the Digital Thinkers team for almost 1,5 year. Click on the video to learn what he thinks about the work we do and what happens after work!

Why get in touch?

We believe we have certain facets that make Digital Thinkers the perfect job for a junior programmer. Let's see what these are!

A group of young, cohesive group of friends

At Digital Thinkers, team spirit and a pleasant working environment are the most valuable assets. By joining us, you can become a part of a close-knit group where friendships are formed.

Exciting customers, innovative projects

With us, you can work on innovative solutions, modern and future-proof technology, for which we provide all the tools.

Autonomy and confidence in working

We also give our junior developers the confidence to complete their own tasks. We think this is the best motivation and the key to your development.

Grow with us

Digital Thinkers is a dynamically evolving company that knows where it will be in 5 years. We give you the opportunity to move up the ladder with us.

Our door is always open

We work in a supportive office environment where we believe in equal dialogue. You can discuss any topic with us, private or professional, and we'll listen to whatever you have to say.

Working transparently

We talk openly with all colleagues about the results achieved and future goals, not only on an individual level, but also as a company.. Moreover, we are looking to you to be able to work these out as part of a team.


What can you expect as a developer at DT?

Adél Kovács

senior developer, dev lead

Why come to us, what awaits you?

Péter Nagy

senior developer, dev lead

How is life at Digital Thinkers? 

Of course, we take our work seriously, but we can also relax. Regular team building and post-work activities help unite our community. See this photo gallery we've put together to show some of the special moments we've enjoyed as a company.

Apply to us as a junior developer! 

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